Ambassador Markiian Chuchuk welcomes bilateral relations between Pakistan and Ukraine

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Pakistan His Excellency Markiian Chuchuk said that bilateral relations between Pakistan and Ukraine have always been a shining example of goodwill and sincerity based on common values, mutual respect and understanding.

In his speech at an event to mark the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence (celebrated on August 24) at the Pakistan National Arts Council (PNCA) in Islamabad on Thursday, the ambassador said that it is very symbolic that Ukraine’s Independence Day and Pakistan’s National Day are celebrated just two weeks apart.

Dear friends!

I am happy to have this chance to present Ukrainian culture today at the country’s flagship cultural institution – Pakistan National Arts Council.

Taking the opportunity, I extend my sincere congratulations and best wishes for success and prosperity to all Ukrainian compatriots as well as to all of Ukraine’s friends and partners in Pakistan on the occasion of the biggest celebration. national – Independence Day of Ukraine.

This year Ukraine celebrates the 30e anniversary of its independence. Some believe that independence was an unexpected reward for Ukrainians – a kind of godsend – following the Moscow coup of August 19, 1991. But it is not.

We fought a lot for independence. Centuries of statelessness have imposed an unbelievably heavy cost on our nation. In the twentieth century alone, millions of Ukrainians have died as a result of the Holodomor, the Holocaust, state terror, deportations and wars.

For Ukrainians, freedom and dignity have always been and remain fundamental values ​​which motivate and support the struggle for independence. Finally, 30 years ago, on August 24, 1991, the Parliament of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic adopted the Ukrainian Act of Independence.

The law proclaimed the restoration of the historic Ukrainian state-building tradition and ushered in the new era of modern Ukrainian statehood.

30 years of independence have shown the world that Ukraine has succeeded as a state capable of affirming democratic values, promoting freedom, dignity and diversity, defending its sovereignty and integrity.

Despite all obstacles, we have succeeded in building a tolerant society in which different ethnic, religious and social groups find a common language and live in mutual respect.

If you ask me about my homeland, I would tell you that Ukraine is the land of beauty, the land of splendid nature, blue skies and golden fields. Ukraine – is a heart of Europe, it has the distinction of being the geographical center of Europe. Ukraine is an ancient land, a cradle of Eastern Christian traditions. Ukraine has rich cultural traditions. It is a cradle of sweet melodies and dynamic dances. Ukraine is a very tolerant and peaceful country, a nation of patriots who can protect and defend the homeland.

Moreover, nowadays Ukraine is a technologically advanced, vigorous and dynamic state, undergoing fundamental economic reforms, constantly changing and implementing policies of opening up its economy to the world. Ukraine’s current economic openness index is 90%.

Ukraine is one of the most educated nations in the world. It has the fourth highest literacy rate in the world. Ukraine is the homeland of hardworking people; a nation of scientists and researchers, who give the world many inventions. In terms of innovation, Ukraine is ranked 2sd in the region and in the top 50 worldwide. Ukraine is open to the future, famous for its space exploration and computer services.

I believe it is very symbolic that Ukraine’s Independence Day and Pakistan’s National Day are celebrated just two weeks apart. And it’s more than just a coincidence. It is a fact that brings two countries together.

Ukraine and Pakistan enjoy friendly, mutually beneficial and trouble-free relations. There is active engagement in different fields, especially in military and technical, commercial and economic fields, in bilateral and multilateral formats between the two countries.

Ukraine is a key trading partner for Pakistan, being listed in the TOP 20 of Pakistan’s top importers from July 2020 to March 2021.

As Ambassador of Ukraine to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, I am very happy to admit that at this very sensitive time, for both Ukraine and Pakistan, two countries act as good friends and reliable partners. Our bilateral relations have always been a shining example of goodwill and sincerity, based on common values, mutual respect and understanding.

Also, I am particularly pleased to note that Ukraine and Pakistan have a lot in common, especially in the area of ​​culture. Hope you can feel this commonality today.

Dear friends, take a look at the short documentary on Ukraine and enjoy our cultural program!

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