Bilateral relations continue between CPP and CPV

The Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) and the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) agreed to continue to maintain the existing bilateral relations and mechanisms between the two parties.


On Saturday, Prime Minister Hun Sen, as Chairman of the CPP, phoned CPV Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong about the celebration of “Tet” (Lunar New Year) in Vietnam.

“Both sides will continue to work closely together to expand and improve existing bilateral cooperation in all sectors and prioritize the effective implementation of past agreements,” said a statement released by the PPC.

He added that the two sides will work together to broaden and deepen political relations, continue to strengthen the fundamental value of cooperation in the defense and security sectors, improve economic connectivity between the two nations and support each other in regional and international affairs.

“Under the clear leadership of the CPV led by Nguyen Phu Trong, the Vietnamese people continue to achieve many achievements in the areas of defense, development and national reform,” Hun Sen said.

“The leaders of the two countries noted with satisfaction that the cooperation between the two political parties and the countries is deepening and strengthening day by day. As a result, many achievements have been made such as political stability, socio-economic development as well as tangible benefits for the peoples of both countries,” the statement added.

Kin Phea, director general of the Institute of International Relations of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, said yesterday that the friendships between the CPP, the CPV and the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) have been established for a long time.

“In the West, political parties are not very important, because it is the government that plays the very important role in establishing diplomatic relations with other countries. It is different from the political party in communist countries which is above all,” Phea added.

Phea added that although the CPP used to be a communist party with communism as its ideology, it is now a liberal party following a democratic and pluralistic path.


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