Devendra Fadnavis interacts with the Indian diaspora in Russia; welcomes bilateral relations


On September 13, Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, addressed the Indian diaspora and the business community in Russia, where he praised India’s diversity, its relations with Russia, the acceptance of Indian culture in Moscow and how our country is progressing today.

Speaking at the event, Fadnavis said, “India is a very diverse country. So when we see the Indian diaspora, it is also diverse. I come from Maharashtra and Mumbai, which is in the , is the melting pot of cultures. , and also mini India. You can find a representation of every part of India in Mumbai. We all know that Mumbai is the city of dreams, and I think Bollywood has no needs to be introduced and I am very happy that even today the legendary actor Raj Kapoor ji is still very famous in Russia. The great actor Mithun Chakraborty is also much loved and remembered here.”

He added: “In 2018, I came to Russia and I had to visit St Petersberg, and I received a request from the governor asking me if I could bring Mithun Chakraborty with you. I tried, but Mithun da never was not well. I communicated that his son is also an accomplished actor and an idol among young people, and asked, should I bring him? He replied that he just wanted to meet Mithun da, and told me asked to bring him here.

“Relations between India and Russia are important”

Speaking on India’s bilateral relations with Russia and their relevance, Maharashtra Dy CM said, “Culturally, India and Russia have a very long history, and Russia has always been a great friend. Be it culture or business, we have shared very good relations, and that is why I can see the Indian community living and thriving here, and have also kept the traditions alive. It keeps Indianness alive. I am happy to share that today India is progressing under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and now we have become the fifth largest economy in the world, and soon we will become the third largest economy in the world. In this trip, the relationship between India and Russia matters a lot. Today India has the largest population India is one of the youngest nations in the world. The average age in India is 27 years old.

Image: Republic World

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