India’s 73rd Republic Day celebrates improved bilateral relations with Liberia

Liberia’s government has hailed its bilateral ties with India as the Asian country celebrates its 73rd Republic Day, saying the two countries share deep historical ties that span decades.

It is under these assurances of mutual respect and cooperation that the Indian Embassy near Monrovia celebrated its country’s 73rd Republic Day with a colorful ceremony at the Mamba Point Hotel.

India’s Republic Day has been celebrated on January 26, every year since 1950 when the Constitution of an independent India was enacted.

“On this day, the President of India presides over a colorful parade of Indian armed and paramilitary forces and a display of our military prowess and arsenal, along with tableaux depicting folk dances, music and the development of different States at the Raj Path in New Delhi,” India’s first Ambassador to Liberia, Mr. Pradip Kumar Yadav, said in a statement delivered at the ceremony.

In Liberia, the ceremony included various cultural performances and speeches that highlight the shared relationship between the two countries. It is celebrated under the aegis of ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’, translated as ‘Nector Festival of the Independence’, which is celebrated from March 21, 2021 to August 15, 2023.


In a congratulatory message to the Indian Embassy near Monrovia, the government of Liberia said it was ready to strengthen the cordial relations and historic ties of friendship, while remaining open to mutually exploring ways increase investment opportunities for the benefit of both countries. .

“As we celebrate this historic day, which marks the anniversary of your great county’s national holiday, it gives us great pleasure to indicate that our doors remain open to collaborate with the government and the great people of the Republic of the India,” said Naomie M. Gray, Assistant Minister for Afro-Asian Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on behalf of the Government of Liberia.

“We believe this is a path to further strengthen our relationship and we assure you of Liberia’s commitment to the longstanding relationship between our two countries and peoples,” she said.

Min. Gray went on to express his thanks to India for its many contributions to Liberia over the years, which include a donation of buses for public use, something that has gone a long way in alleviating our transport problems” as well as the provisions of technical support in the development of the country’s resource capacity and to finance the construction of the 14 military hospitals that have been used for the fight against Covid-19.

Earlier Ambassador Yadav noted that his country has always strived to maintain good friendly relations with all other countries including its neighbors. According to him, India’s decision to improve bilateral relations with Liberia led to the opening of a resident mission in Liberia, which he now heads; and testifies to their warm and friendly relations over the past decades.

“The two countries share common views on important issues affecting the world, whether it be human rights, women’s empowerment, international peace, solar energy, of environmental protection and above all of democracy,” said Amb. Yadav added. “I would also like to thank the friendly Liberian government for providing an encouraging and conducive business environment for the Indian community. I am happy to report that the law-abiding Indian community has also contributed its fair share to the growth of the Liberian economy.

“From time to time, India has contributed to development-friendly Liberia by providing passenger buses, fire trucks, agricultural assistance, capacity building programs, cash contribution for the 14th military hospital, etc. During the difficult times of Ebola in 2014-2015, the Indian government stood by its friend Liberia and provided bilateral cash assistance and $10 million to the United Nations Fund for Ebola-affected Countries. Ebola, including Liberia”, Amb. Yadav.

The Indian Ambassador recalled that his country also actively participated in the peacekeeping efforts of the United Nations Mission in Liberia from 2007 to 2016 and deployed an Indian Army contingent.

“The very first all-female contingent in the history of UN peacekeeping operations was the female formed police unit of India’s Central Reserve Police Force, deployed to friendly Liberia. The female contingent has not only generated tremendous goodwill for India during their long deployment, but has also been an inspiration to the people of Liberia, especially the women,” the Ambassador said.

He added that India is also a land of opportunities for all as well as for its citizens from the ages, who have held high office in the armed forces, judiciary and legislature.

“We are not only the land of religion and spiritualism, India is also the land of great scientists, doctors, inventors, IT experts and bankers. California’s Silicon Valley has more Indian CEOs and experts in IT than other nationalities,” noted Ambassador Yadav.

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