Maduro sheds light on bilateral relations between Venezuela and Iran

In an exclusive interview at the headquarters of the Spanish-language Iranian television channel Hispantv, Maduro praised the Caracas-Tehran model and said brotherhood knows no distance.

Iran and Venezuela are two nations that share great causes, great dreams and which have allowed us to advance development and cooperation plans over the past two decades, he noted. Asked by Ali Ejaredar, director of Hispantv, Maduro spoke about the strategies put in place by his government to deal with the sanctions imposed unilaterally by the US government.

He explained the plan put in place by the Venezuelan government to keep oil refineries in operation in the face of the embargo and thanked the support received at the time by three tankers sent by Iran.

The brothers support each other in times of need, the president said, noting that a weekly Caracas-Tehran direct flight will soon be inaugurated to promote comprehensive tourism between the two destinations.

Before that, Maduro spoke with journalists, presenters and other workers of this Iranian media, and his special interview is broadcast by this station and broadcast live by other channels, such as Presstv, Al-Alam and Telesur.


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