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Africa and France have identified the need to forge new relations, which would be based on interdependence and mutual respect.

This was said during the “New Africa-France 2021 summit”, which was held in Montpellier, France, this weekend.

The summit, which took place in a hybrid form (online and offline), sought to question the relations between Africa and France to offer a new framework for reflection and action for new generations.

French President Emmanuel Macron noted that more than 70% of its population is made up of young people, saying it is a continent full of promise and that it should be allowed to renew and rewrite its identity, culture and narrative. as well as contributing to international cooperation. -creation.

“We didn’t choose our history and our geography, including the saddest part, but we can commit to what it would become. We should start asking ourselves how we can build our future from all of this, â€he said.

He said Africa should be allowed to build in sport, entrepreneurship, culture, business, education and all other sectors because that is their due. Our first duty, he said, is to respond to the aspirations of African youth and to find projects that meet them.

The second reason for the summit, according to him, is that France and Africa have built a solid relationship between them over the years.

Former diplomatic adviser to the President of Madagascar, Lova Rinel advises Africans to never believe that democracy does not work, adding that the democracy they want is a democracy that is workable, diverse and adaptable to the people of the world.

She added that the relationship between the two friends requires commitment and sacrifice to work.

Opinion on Youth leader Adam Dicko said Africa has a role to play and must start acting on it.

She added that intergenerational dialogue would help young people learn from past failures to avoid such mistakes.

She added that Africa is not a continent of disease and poverty, but of optimism and innovation.

France’s Minister for Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities, Elisabeth Moreno, said the diaspora is at the heart of reconnection. “I think it is an extremely rich link, but it must be consolidated and strengthened”, she underlined, adding that it is the young people who can express and renew the link between Africa and France and called for courage and refrain from spreading. fears.

According to her, young people are the faces of the future and symbols of hope. “We need your creativity, your innovation, which expresses freedom, freedom and understanding,†she urged.

Kenyan radio presenter Adelle Onyango said it was time for both sides to consider what is ineffective, unethical and closing integrity gaps to build a relationship that addresses the problems around Africa, France and the world.

She noted that the strength and weakness of the current relationship between the two sides would dictate her future.

Researcher, Ministry of Defense, Ivory Coast, Arthur Banga, said the relationship between Africa and France is balanced. According to him, Africa wants partnership and co-construction rather than aid.

He suggested that France stop the data from imposing genuine transparent flows of human and capital resources; This approach, he said, would reconcile the French with Africa.

Founder of IMPROV’YOU, Burkina Faso, Eldaa Koama called on the president to get rid of development aid because it enslaves and prevents the population from fully utilizing their capacities.

“Africa can develop with its local capacities, the diaspora and by working with other countries. There are good thinkers in Africa. Let’s foster healthy, transparent and constructive relationships, â€said Koama.

According to her, if we live together, it would be through interdependence, mutual respect and valuing each other’s potential.

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