New Ethiopian Embassy in Islamabad will boost bilateral relations between Pakistan and Ethiopia: Ambassador Jemal Beker


Islamabad – Ethiopian Ambassador Jemal Beker has said that the new Ethiopian Embassy will focus on economic diplomacy where trade, investment, tourism, technology transfer, capacity building and interpersonal relationships would be strengthened. To implement this grand policy and strategy, the Embassy is working with relevant authorities to launch Ethiopian airlines direct flights to Pakistan, Africa’s largest airline.Mr. Jemal Beker said so in his opening speech at the interactive forum on “Ethiopia-Pakistan Relations and Prospects for Future Cooperation” organized by the Center for Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) under its project Digital Diplomacy in collaboration with International Journal “Pakistan in the world”. COPAIR is an Islamabad-based think tank where media groups, TV presenters and National Press Club Islamabad office staff attended the event held on 20 September 2022.Journalist Tazeen Akhtar shed light on the commonalities between the two countries, from the history of Islam to today’s world. President COPAIR highlighted the prospects for improving the level of bilateral trade and joint ventures between the business communities of the two countries.

Ambassador Jemal Beker said: “Diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and Pakistan started in 1958. Pakistan opened its embassy in 1973 in Addis Ababa. Since then, the two countries have enjoyed cordial diplomatic relations that span decades. Ethiopia and Pakistan share a common destiny and cooperate in various fields such as international peace and security, peacekeeping, counter-terrorism and multilateral cooperation.

The Ambassador noted, “For economic diplomacy, it is imperative to understand the potential of these two giant countries and find an ‘O-ring’ that connects and ties them together for future cooperation and collaboration across different sectors and fronts. “.
“To this end, the use of digital diplomacy tools such as social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, mainstream media and print media to raise awareness of opportunities and prospects in these two countries brothers is very crucial. Therefore, I look forward to working closely with Pakistani media, both public and private, to promote the mutual interests of both nations,” Mr. Jemal Beker said.

The Ambassador appreciates the cordial and warm hospitality extended to him since his arrival in Islamabad, which will be the energy and courage to do more to enhance bilateral, regional and multilateral cooperation between the two countries.

whatsapp-image-2022-09-22-at-13-35-12-2023-02 COPAIR President Amna Malik and Tazeen Akhtar present sovenire to Ethiopian Ambassador HE Jemal Beker

Finally, he underscored the importance of working with Pakistan’s government, business, education sector, think tanks and media to cooperate in a range of areas that explore and exploit opportunities across the countries.
In conclusion, participants raised relevant questions on how to strengthen bilateral cooperation and Ambassador Jemal Beker responded accordingly.

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