PM welcomes progress of Cambodia-Vietnam bilateral relations

Prime Minister Hun Sen welcomed the development and progress of Cambodia-Vietnam bilateral relations, especially in trade between the two countries.


Vietnam’s Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son paid a courtesy visit to Prime Minister Hun Sen at the Peace Palace on the morning of January 20. The courtesy visit was made during the official visit of the Vietnamese Foreign Minister and his delegation to Cambodia.

During the meeting with Son, Prime Minister Hun Sen said he believes the trade volume between Cambodia and Vietnam will continue to increase by more than $10 billion. The prime minister said the work he did with former Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen Xuan Phuc, who is now president of Vietnam, has boosted bilateral trade to a high level.

Prime Minister Hun Sen said the revival of bilateral trade is a success in which both sides have made efforts because Cambodia has a production base and Vietnam has a processing base, so the cooperation between the two countries got good results. He attributed the success of Cambodia and Vietnam to peaceful border cooperation.

The two countries should continue to promote cooperation in investment, tourism and trade to make the economy between the two countries more connected, according to an official.

The two officials also discussed launching a feasibility study on a railway that would link Vietnam and Cambodia.

Son said bilateral trade between Cambodia and Vietnam has reached a record high of nearly $10 billion in the past 2 years. The Foreign Minister asked the two countries to continue to strengthen the important economic ties between them and to continue to work together to make economic growth even higher during the year.

Son also said he would continue to work with Cambodia, especially to strengthen and promote cooperation in all areas, especially agriculture, industry, services and other sectors such as banking and finance. .


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