Portugal wants to deepen bilateral relations with Venezuela, says ambassador

João Pedro Fins do Lago, Portugal’s ambassador to Caracas, said Lisbon would take every opportunity to deepen bilateral relations with Venezuela, the oil-rich country that signed a few days ago. 20 years of cooperation with Iran.

“Portugal, a country deeply attached to multilateralism, promotion of human rights, democracy, respect for the rule of law, political pluralism and individual freedomsis committed to deepening its relationship with Venezuela, taking advantage of any opportunities that may arise in the near future,” Fins do Lago said at a reception of more than 300 people who attended a event at his official residence to mark the celebrations of the “Dia de Portugal”. .

“The deep and historic relations between Portugal and Venezuela are today, as in the past, marked by deep respect between peoples, cultures and customs. As a result of various economic and political facts, aggravated by the pandemic situation which still persists, these relations have gone through cold times in recent years,” he said. “There are, however, signs of hope.”

João Pedro Fins do Lago said he was convinced “that the good paths are always those that are born from dialogue and the safe bridges are those that are built on both sides, where there is the will to cooperate and to find together paths that lead to mutual prosperity and common good”.

The diplomat explained that “in this context” he could inform that “TAP will resume, from June 21, the weekly direct connections between Lisbon and Caracas.”

“It will be a moment that will symbolize the future of an increasingly close relationship between the peoples of Venezuela and Portugal, between Venezuela and Europe,” he said, adding that the Conference of Nations Conference on the Oceans to be held in Lisbon later this month hopes to secure an “outcome statement” that “will seek to contribute to a common multi-country action plan under Sustainable Development Goal 14 of the ‘UN Agenda 2030’.

Venezuela has a strong Luso-descendant community (about half a million people) which is also the largest community of European descent in the South American country which has been dogged by US sanctions and political unrest.

As to ‘cold times in recent years‘, there has been no sign yet in the national media as to whether or not the Portuguese courts have decided to release the alleged 1.5 billion euros of Venezuelan funds blocked in accounts with Novo Banco.

Resident LUSA / Portugal

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