Sisi and Ugandan Land Forces Commander discuss bilateral relations

“The Ugandan Land Forces Commander conveyed Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s greetings and appreciation to President Sisi,” Rady said.

He praised the deep and exceptional relations as well as the long-standing historical ties that the two countries share.

In addition, he underlined his country’s will to strengthen cooperation with Egypt in all areas, especially in the military and security fields.

He also expressed Uganda’s appreciation for the technical support provided by Egypt in many areas of development, especially in light of Egypt’s pivotal role in supporting peace, stability and development on the African continent.

For his part, Sisi hailed the ties of brotherhood and cooperation the two countries share, noting that Egypt looks forward to further strengthening the distinct relations with Uganda in all fields.

The President asserted that history and experience have proven that the path of cooperation, construction and development always paves the way for success and prosperity, unlike the path of crises and problems that waste resources. resources of nations and consume their energy.

Sisi underlined the immense potential for joint cooperation between the Nile Basin countries and Africa in general, as this approach has always represented the framework governing Egypt’s policy in its relations with Africa.

He confirmed that this is embodied in Egypt’s chairmanship of the African Union as well as in its interactions with all international partners on the continent.

He also commended the efforts made to strengthen military cooperation between the two countries, especially with regard to Uganda’s participation in training courses organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Defence.

In addition, Sisi praised the two countries’ common history in defending the problems of the African continent as well as their efforts to realize their interests.

The meeting discussed ways to intensify bilateral cooperation in a range of areas. He also discussed the intensification of mechanisms for consultation and exchange of views on the latest issues on the African scene, in light of Egypt’s interest in maximizing the common interests of African countries, in particular the countries of the Nile Basin, based on the historical heritage and common ties they share. .

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